Membr Notes

Membr Notes: Stay Organized With Your Notes Companion

Tired of scattered notes and disorganized research? Meet Membr, your web note-taking companion, designed for better writing and instant cross-tab access. Explore Membr for Chrome, featuring AI-driven summaries, a powerful editor, and easy image/GIF integration!



Qopywriter: Your Content Writing Assistant

Looking for a more efficient way to boost your website or personal blog with high-quality content? With Qopywriter, you can! It whips up engaging, topic-specific articles in seconds, all thanks to powerful algorithms. It crafts human-quality blog posts, SEO articles, news, and more!

SpeechText.AI tool

SpeechText.AI: Your Solution to Transcribing Audio and Video into Text

Looking to transform audio into text? SpeechText.AI has you covered. Just record your voice or capture audio from any webpage. Experience the convenience of AI-powered transcription service, delivering text and subtitles with near-human accuracy!

Genei AI tool

Genei: Chrome Extension for Your Writing Tasks

Ever wished you had a personal AI assistant for your writing and research tasks? Genei is here to help. It’s the browser extension that extracts vital data from web pages and PDFs, storing it in your Genei account. Improve your research with AI summarization and semantic search!


Merlin: All in One Extension for Writing, Coding & More

Empower yourself with Merlin, from summarizing videos and scraping websites to responding to emails and enhancing your social media presence! Discover all the capabilities of this tool that will help you increase your productivity. Merlin AI supports ChatGPT, GPT-4, and other models.

Apadron image

Appdron: ChatGPT UI For Marketers & Content Creators

Experience a dynamic ChatGPT UI tailored for marketers and content creators, enabling instant launch through a click. Unleash your potential in copywriting, content creation, and email mastery, streamlining your creative journey with AI-powered assistance.

Sider AI tool


Elevate your text interactions using the Sider! Summarize, explain, translate, or rewrite selected text with easer. Explore features like summarizing articles, finding similar pages, explaining concepts, and comparing AI and human answers.


Luna: Your ChatGPT Assistant for Chrome

Introducing Luna, Chrome extension that makes your ChatGPT experience better! It enables you to get into ChatGPT conversations with ease from anywhere within your browser. Begin chats instantly via the search bar or text highlights!

Spade Chrome Extension

Spade: Chrome Extension for Drawing Your Ideas

Make quick annotations anywhere on the web with Spade! Reading through a bunch of text and want to highlight what you like? With pen, highlighter, and textbooks you can do that and even save all your notes for later and download them to show your colleagues or friends.


INKblot™ Analyzer for Chrome

Discover, Match, and Secure Your Dream Job with Squidbot™! Boost your job search with AI-powered analytics, personalized search tailored to your resume, and instant job match percentages. Simplify your job hunt today.

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