Dittto: Make Improvements on Your Website with AI

Are you a SaaS company looking to improve your website’s conversion rates? Meet Dittto AI! It’s designed to help SaaS businesses like yours by analyzing your website, suggesting improvements to your message, and rewriting your main copy to attract more visitors and turn them into customers. With Dittto AI, you can boost conversions without the hassle of figuring out what works through trial and error.


Persuva: Create Ads and Marketing Content that Converts

Looking to supercharge your marketing efforts without the hassle of endless brainstorming and revisions? With Persuva, you’re in luck. This AI-powered sales copy generator is your ticket to effortless, high-converting ads and marketing content that speaks directly to your audience. Say goodbye to the frustration of crafting compelling copy from scratch and hello to impactful results in no time.


Simplified: All in One Tool for Marketing

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools for your marketing needs? Simplified brings everything you need into one easy-to-use app. From content creation to social media management, Simplified has you covered. With millions of free images, videos, and audio clips, along with thousands of designer templates and advanced content writing features in over 30 languages, Simplified simplifies the entire marketing process.

Create Human-like Search Engine Optimized Articles

AutoWrite App: Create Human-like AI Articles

Can you imagine having a content creation assistant? Say hello to AutoWrite! It helps you can craft a captivating 3000-word masterpiece that not only engages readers but also supercharges your SEO game.  AI technology creates articles so convincingly human that they pass AI detection tools!

Superhuman AI

Superhuman AI: Enhance Your Email Experience

Looking to enhance your productivity? Superhuman AI is a suite of powerful AI features designed to save time. Transform ideas into emails, type with autocorrect, polish writing, summarize communications, conduct research easily and save up to 4 hours daily!

Buni AI tool

Buni AI: Your Intelligent Content Generator

Save time and enhance your productivity with Buni AI! It’s an AI-powered content generator platform for high-quality content creation in minutes. Features AI Text/Image/Code Generators, ChatBot, Speech-to-Text, Payment Gateways, Multi-Lingual Support, and much more!

Mentioned AI tool


Mentioned automates outreach campaigns, fostering relationships, brand visibility, and backlinks by identifying content mentions. Users can track analytics and replies within the app. Access guides, tools, and a knowledge base on the website.

TubeBuddy AI tool

TubeBuddy: Grow Your YouTube Channels

Ready to maximize your YouTube’s potential? TubeBuddy empowers creators to optimize channels for more views and subscribers. Discover perfect keywords, save time on publishing, rank higher in searches, enhance channel performance, and create captivating thumbnails.

MagicBlog AI tool

MagicBlog: Create Optimized Blog Posts Quickly

MagicBlog is an AI-powered writing machine for SEO-optimized, original long-form blog content. Wondering how? Simply enter a keyword or title, and get a complete 1000-word blog post with introduction, conclusion, and key takeaways. The best thing is that you can bypass AI content detection and plagiarism checkers!

ViralCuration AI tool

Viral Curation

Viral Curation leverages viral content to enhance organic reach on Facebook and Google. Curate and publish across popular social media and blog platforms and enjoy advanced filters, photo tools, built-in editor, content management, and integration options.

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