aomni AI tool

aomni: Your AI Agent for Information Retrieval

Meet Your Intelligent Business Partner: Boost your outbound pipeline with a dedicated AI agent. Aomni autonomously conducts extensive online research, offers updated Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) suggestions, and develops detailed account strategies for each potential lead.

Arcwise AI tool

Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is Google Sheets plugin enabling data understanding, cleaning, and ingestion. Features context-aware formula suggestions with relevant StackOverflow links, data cleaning, text summarization, and content scraping from browser tabs into tables.

Procys AI tool


Procys is AI-powered data extraction and accounts payable automation. The tool extracts data from invoices, passports, ID cards, and syncs with ERP systems. Integrates with Microsoft Business Central, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Zapier, Holded.

Chat With Data AI tool

Chat With Data

Chat With Data: An AI tool enabling users to upload PDFs, Word, CSV, Excel, and SQL Database documents. Communicate naturally via an interactive chat interface powered by OpenAI. Ask questions and receive relevant responses and prompts to facilitate further conversation.

Valossa AI tool

Valossa AI

Valossa offers AI software for video and audio data analysis, helping businesses manage and grow their video-based ventures safely with AI-generated content and metadata. It also provides content moderation for images and videos, trusted by well-known companies.

Sloped AI tool


Sloped: Transform data queries into shareable, user-friendly dashboards. Supports major data providers and visual models. AI-powered search converts plain text queries into insightful data analysis, enhancing data understanding.

MayaAI tool

Maya Ai

Discover the ultimate AI text-to-image generator! Join an Instagram-like AI artists’ community. Create images with simple prompts, enjoy features like upvoting, liking, sharing, commenting, and messaging other creators.

Supercharge your slides with Plus AI

Plus AI

With Plus AI you can swiftly construct presentations in minutes. Overcome the challenge of starting from a blank deck with our assistance. We help outline, build the first draft, and provide suggestions for further slide edits.

ChatNode AI tool


Introducing ChatNode: An advanced AI chatbot builder powered by ChatGPT. Embed chat widgets on websites or deploy public chatbots. Enjoy support for customized features, 95+ languages, data sources, and token counts.

Zbrain AI tool

ZBrain: Create Custom Chat GPT Applications With Private Data

ZBrain an enterprise-ready AI platform empowering you to create custom ChatGPT application with private data. Engage customers, automate support, and elevate data analysis with leading models like OpenAI, FLAN, and StableLM.

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