MindfulDataAI: Add Google Search to ChatGPT

Ready to embark on a journey of knowledge exploration? With this ChatGPT plugin, you can effortlessly dive into a world of information with this fusion of ChatGPT and Google search! You can easily embed sources and links for future reference.

Cruderra AI tool


Experience the power of Cruderra – the definitive tool for software engineers and system architects. This AI-driven platform simplify architecture design into code and generates instant documentation.

Based AI tool


Based is an AI-driven frontend design editor crafted for developers. Describe your vision and receive clean, code-ready designs. Effortlessly streamline design, save time, and prioritize your core strength – crafting exceptional software.

Continue image

Continue: Your Autopilot for Software Development

Imagine having a personal autopilot for software development that’s open-source and seamlessly integrates with your Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Meet Continue—it’s not just any extension, but your powerful ally within VS Code.

ANPR Software

ANPR Software

ANPR Software captures vehicle number plates through CCTV cameras, utilizing OCR techniques for analysis. Kotai Electronics offers ANPR Systems, connecting with IP Cameras, facilitating parking management, premises monitoring, and smart city ITMS Projects.

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Speechmax: Reshape Your Audio Content Creation

Meet Speechmax: Your go-to for studio-quality stock voices, transforming voice-overs. Can’t find fitting voices? AI-based tech converts text to lifelike voices in seconds, redefining audio content creation. This platform emboldens creators, developers, marketers, and more!

UserWay AI tool


UserWay improves browsing experiences for users with varying visual impairments, tailoring the interface to best accommodate their needs and physical limitations.



Create, deploy, and execute pipelines that link various sources, including CSV files, (S)FTP, and HTTPS. Employ our AI-powered mapping algorithm to facilitate seamless data integration. Apply transformations using Excel-like formulas or generate custom JavaScript functions.

The modern coding superpower


Experience the power of Codeium, a user-friendly programming tool that helps developers navigate unfamiliar languages effortlessly. With its natural language interface and seamless API integration, Codeium simplifies coding by eliminating boilerplate code.


Midjourney is a new AI-powered tool that lets you create realistic and imaginative images from your text descriptions. Simply type in a prompt, such as “a painting of a cat in a hat” or “a futuristic cityscape,” and Midjourney will generate a stunning image that matches your description.