UserWay AI tool


UserWay improves browsing experiences for users with varying visual impairments, tailoring the interface to best accommodate their needs and physical limitations.


Nuvo: Your AI Based Solutions for Importing CSV & Excel Data

Struggling to import external data? With Nuvo, you can create, deploy, and execute pipelines that link various sources, including CSV files, (S)FTP, and HTTPS. Employ the AI-powered mapping algorithm to facilitate easy data integration. Apply transformations using Excel-like formulas or generate custom JavaScript functions.

The modern coding superpower


Experience the power of Codeium, a user-friendly programming tool that helps developers navigate unfamiliar languages effortlessly. With its natural language interface and seamless API integration, Codeium simplifies coding by eliminating boilerplate code.


Midjourney is a new AI-powered tool that lets you create realistic and imaginative images from your text descriptions. Simply type in a prompt, such as “a painting of a cat in a hat” or “a futuristic cityscape,” and Midjourney will generate a stunning image that matches your description.

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