Giftwrap AI tool

Giftwrap ChatGPT Plugin: Find Your Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift? Giftwrap’s plugin makes gifting personal and hassle-free. Simply share the occasion, recipient, and preferences and watch as Giftwrap crafts tailored gift suggestions, handles the ordering process, and even takes care of wrapping and shipping.

Open & Unified Search and ads ranking for your marketplace Improve Your Marketplace Search

Have you met Promoted? It’s your all-in-one solution for marketplaces, integrating ads, organic search, and promotions into a unified powerhouse. Picture this: it strategically organizes your marketplace results, ensuring the cream of the crop listings rise to the top!


Manifest AI: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant for Ecommerce

Meet Manifest AI, your dedicated shopping companion designed exclusively for your Shopify store! Picture this: it understands every nuance of your shoppers’ search queries and serves up precisely what they’re looking for.


The Best AI for Your Shopify Store

Plumy: Your E-commerce Ally

Do you want to supercharge your e-commerce venture? Meet Plumy, your e-commerce ally. Plumy offers an arsenal of 14+ AI tools tailored to online retailers. Elevate your business with richer product descriptions, enhanced SEO, amplified web traffic, and boosted sales.