PrettyPolly: Master Foreign Languages with AI

Want to master new languages? Meet PrettyPolly, your personal AI language coach. With immersive conversational scenarios in 36 languages, PrettyPolly makes speaking practice fun and effective from day one! Whether you’re prepping for an exam, interview, or simply aiming to improve fluency, PrettyPolly equips you with the tools to improve pronunciation, track progress, and build confidence in your language skills.


AiGenda: Summarize Your Meetings with AI

Are you tired of juggling notes during online meetings? has the solution with its AI based platform that will make your meeting experience better. Say goodbye to the stress of taking detailed notes – this tool automatically generates comprehensive summaries alongside in-depth notes, capturing every essential detail from your discussions. With, you can focus fully on the meeting, save valuable time, and never miss a beat!


AITalk: Improve Your Language Skills with AI

Looking to master languages? With AITalk, you can chat with AI tutors whenever and wherever you are, engaging in real-time conversation practice across over 10 languages on iOS with Android on its way!


Llanai: Master New Languages via WhatsApp

Looking to master multiple languages? Meet Llanai, your AI language partner on WhatsApp! With tailored lessons, conversational practice, and pronunciation support in Spanish, German, English, and French, Llanai transform your language learning journey within the comfort of your favorite chat app!


Podsee: Enrich Your listening experience?

Are you a podcast lover searching for a tool to enrich your listening experience? Look no further than Podsee! Designed with you in mind, Podsee improves the way you engage with podcasts. With its intuitive interface, you can search, listen, and access AI-generated transcripts of your favorite episodes.


Vocalo: Improve Your Language Skills

Are you struggling to find convenient and effective ways to practice and improve your language skills? provides an innovative solution with its AI-powered language practice platform. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your speaking, reading, writing, or other linguistic abilities, offers on-demand assistance to support your learning journey.


EverLearns 2.0: Learning Platform Enhanced by AI

Step into the future of learning with the AI-enhanced platform, designed to transform any material into an interactive learning experience. Whether it’s documents, videos, audios, or web content, this tool brings your learning materials to life, providing personalized support and organized study notes at your fingertips. With this intuitive interface and dedicated AI tutor, your learning becomes effortless and engaging!

Runecontent AI.jpg

Runecontent AI: Create Online Courses with AI

Looking to create a comprehensive online course in minutes? Meet Runecontent AI. With its powerful artificial intelligence, Runecontent AI simplifies the course creation process, allowing you to generate engaging videos, slides, and scripts effortlessly. Whether you’re an influencer, business owner, side hustler, or educator, Runecontent AI helps you monetize your expertise and reach a wider audience


ReadingDojo: Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Did you know that in the US, over 25% of students struggle with reading comprehension? If you are a student facing the same challenge, or you are a teacher recognising it among your students, ReadingDojo AI tool is here to help by generating tailored questions to assess reading comprehension among students.

Pico Lessons

Pico Lessons: Access More Knowledge

Welcome to Pico Lessons, where learning fits effortlesly into your busy lifestyle. The platform provides a convenient solution for exploring diverse areas of interest, delivering concise email lessons powered by AI. Bid farewell to distractions and hectic schedules, and say hello to gradual knowledge building.

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