FigGPT AI tool

FigGPT: Improve your Copywriting Workflow and Productivity

Looking to improve your copywriting workflow and productivity? With FigGPT, you can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into Figma & FigJam, making content creation a breeze. Need a summary or style change? Just a single click away.

Giftwrap AI tool

Giftwrap ChatGPT Plugin: Find Your Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift? Giftwrap’s plugin makes gifting personal and hassle-free. Simply share the occasion, recipient, and preferences and watch as Giftwrap crafts tailored gift suggestions, handles the ordering process, and even takes care of wrapping and shipping.

Figma AI tool

Figma: ChatGPT Plugin for Your Design Collaborations

Are you looking to streamline your design collaboration process? With Figma, you can work collaboratively on user interfaces, mobile apps, and websites. This cloud-based platform offers features like vector editing, prototyping, and version control, making design collaboration a breeze.

Code Runner

Code Runner ChatGPT Plugin: Supercharge Your Coding Experience

Are you ready to supercharge your coding experience with Code Runner? Easily execute and store code in 70+ languages. This tool is versatile for all skill levels. Enhance your coding journey today!

GetitAI tool

Open GPT Plugin Store

Open GPT Plugin Store integrates GPT Plugins and AI Agents into chat apps. Access APIs, databases, finance tools, and more. Utilize plugin emulator, Langchain framework, and for seamless plugin creation.

PluginLab: Create and Monetize Your ChatGPT Plugins

This tool not only handles authentication but also provides valuable analytics for a seamless integration process. It acts as a bridge between ChatGPT and your API, simplifying your workflow and freeing up your time to focus on business expansion.


Blobr: Manage Your API Products

Are you looking for a personalized API portal solution? With Blobr, you can transform your APIs into products, manage access, and even monetize them. Tailor the content, track usage, and improve user onboarding by gaining valuable insights into real-time consumption.

Link Reader AI tool

Link Reader: Analyze Online Content Easily

Are you tired of struggling to comprehend digital content? Link Reader can help you understand various online materials by processing links and providing accurate insights. It’s a game-changer for improving content comprehension and enhancing your overall online experience while respecting copyrights.

Wolfram AI tool

Wolfram: Make Your ChatGPT Smarter

Ready to elevate your ChatGPT experience with the Wolfram plugin? Unlock advanced computation, real-time data, and curated Wolfram|Alpha knowledge! Experience the benefits of broad domain coverage and the ability to execute algorithmic code.

PromptPerfect AI tool

PromptPerfect: Elevate Your Prompts

Looking to supercharge your prompt optimization? Meet PromptPerfect, the ultimate tool designed for large language models (LLMs), large models (LMs), and LMOps. With PromptPerfect, you can elevate your prompts for a variety of models.

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