Spur: All in One Communication Solution for Your E-Commerce Store

Are you tired of juggling multiple communication channels for your e-commerce store? Meet Spur, your all-in-one AI based solution. With Spur, you can easily manage WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more from a single platform! How handy! Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to enhanced customer interaction, faster response times, and a stronger online presence.


Kara: Your AI Skincare Assistant

Would you like to understand your skin better with just a simple snapshot? All it takes to start transforming your skincare routine is a selfie. Snap a photo using the Kara app, and let the advanced AI technology analyze your skin’s condition instantly, uncovering any hidden concerns that may not be apparent to you.


GymGenie: Your AI Fitness Buddy

Needing some extra motivation to start with your fitness journey? Try GymGenie! It’s a tool that generates personalized workout routines based on your fitness level, body metrics, goals, and schedule. With just a few inputs, it generates a tailored routine in seconds!

Hoku – Your Advanced AI Health Companion

Introducing Hoku, your very own AI health companion. Can Hoku truly enhance your well-being? Absolutely. With data security a priority, your information stays private and confidential. Ready to experience personalized health support?