Transistor: Generate Accurate Transcripts with AI

Are you tired of spending countless hours transcribing your podcast recordings? With Transistor, you can now convert your audio files into text with the help of powerful AI technology. Say goodbye to manual transcription work and enjoy the convenience of accurate transcripts, complete with speaker identification and easy-to-use editing tools. Transistor is here to make your podcast creation process more efficient and personalized than ever before.


JetBrains: Improve Capabilities of Your Development Tools

Take your coding experience to the next level! Introducing you to JetBrains AI Service, the tool designed to imrpove your favorite development environment. With these service integrated into your IDE, you’ll experience a more personalized and efficient coding journey. No more tedious tasks – say hello to a smoother workflow made just for you.

Lazy AI tool


With Lazy, capture brilliant ideas and inspiration instantly using a single ⌘ shortcut, without switching apps or tabs. Join the waitlist at!

Post anything on your mind freely and privately, just for yourself.


Reflectr is an AI-driven personal notebook that fosters clarity, productivity, and self-reflection. It incorporates innovative features such as AI based tags, comments and mood generators to support to help you stay organized, focused, and productive.


Auri AI is an AI writing assistant that helps users write faster and smarter. It offers a variety of features, including spelling and grammar correction, paraphrasing, translation, text generation, and quick note creation. Auri AI is available in 25+ languages and works with all popular apps and browsers, as well as offering a custom keyboard for iOS. It is privacy-first and does not store or share any data.


Here are some of the benefits of using Auri AI:

Speed: Auri AI can help you write faster by correcting your spelling and grammar, paraphrasing your text, and generating text for you.

Accuracy: Auri AI is powered by artificial intelligence, so it can be more accurate than a human editor.

Creativity: Auri AI can help you generate new ideas for your writing, and it can also help you improve the style and tone of your writing.

Privacy: Auri AI is privacy-first and does not store or share any data.