LangAI: Learn New Language with AI

Have you tried Langai? It’s an AI based language learning app that offers a natural and immersive way to master new languages. Langai simulates real-life scenarios and provides adaptive conversations tailored to your skill level, making language learning both accessible and engaging. Available on both iOS and Android, Langai supports over 90 languages, making it one of the most versatile language learning tools out there4


bentolingo: Your Personalized AI Language Tutor

Have you tried Bentolingo yet? It’s your own personalized AI language tutor, serving up bite-sized daily lessons, or “bento boxes,” to help you build your language skills consistently and effectively.


PrettyPolly: Master Foreign Languages with AI

Want to master new languages? Meet PrettyPolly, your personal AI language coach. With immersive conversational scenarios in 36 languages, PrettyPolly makes speaking practice fun and effective from day one! Whether you’re prepping for an exam, interview, or simply aiming to improve fluency, PrettyPolly equips you with the tools to improve pronunciation, track progress, and build confidence in your language skills.


AITalk: Improve Your Language Skills with AI

Looking to master languages? With AITalk, you can chat with AI tutors whenever and wherever you are, engaging in real-time conversation practice across over 10 languages on iOS with Android on its way!


Llanai: Master New Languages via WhatsApp

Looking to master multiple languages? Meet Llanai, your AI language partner on WhatsApp! With tailored lessons, conversational practice, and pronunciation support in Spanish, German, English, and French, Llanai transform your language learning journey within the comfort of your favorite chat app!


Langy: Your Powerful AI Translator App

Are you tired of awkward and unreliable translations? Meet Langy, your powerful AI translator app designed to improve your communication experience. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to clear, accurate exchanges across languages, thanks to Langy’s cutting-edge AI technology.


Vocalo: Improve Your Language Skills

Are you struggling to find convenient and effective ways to practice and improve your language skills? provides an innovative solution with its AI-powered language practice platform. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your speaking, reading, writing, or other linguistic abilities, offers on-demand assistance to support your learning journey.

Woord - Text to Speech image

Woord – Text to Speech

Woord brings the Web to life with lifelike speech. Select from natural voices in various genders or neutral options. Easily convert extensive documents or books to audio with a single click or through our API.



Explore SpeakAI, AI-powered language app, immersing yourself in spoken languages. Learn multiple languages, practice real-life scenarios, receive grammar corrections, and select from diverse voices. Begin your language learning journey today!

Translate videos with just 1-Click

Translate.Video – Reach Global Audiences

Looking to broaden the reach of your videos? Ever tried Translate.Video? It’s like a friendly online assistant that simplifies video translation. Just upload your videos, and voila! You can translate subtitles and captions into multiple languages with a few clicks!