Blogmatic: Generate Blogs Automatically

Freshen up your blogging experience? Say goodbye to the headaches of creating and publishing high-quality blog content with this AI-powered platform. Blogmatic is tailored to your needs, integrating with Webflow CMS and offering webhook support for other platforms.


Bidcliq: Manage Your Own Ad Monetization

Curious how Bidcliq can transform your ad monetization journey? Say goodbye to hefty commissions as this innovative platform empowers you to manage your own ad monetization with ease. With a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model, Bidcliq puts you in the driver’s seat, offering full control over your earnings and advertising strategies. Ready to take control of your ad revenue?


Modbox: Value Proposition Generator

Curious about how Modbox can transform your business journey? This AI-powered tool is designed to empower entrepreneurs and startups like you to uncover and express your unique value proposition. Ready to use the power of Modbox to gain valuable insights and craft a message that truly speaks to your target audience?


Managr: AI Writing Assistant for Marketing & PR

Curious about how Managr can improve your marketing and PR strategy? This AI writing assistant will learn your unique style, making personalized content just for you and tapping into real-time trends!. With Managr you can save time, write smarter, and create high-performing content.

Potion: Your Help with Crafting Visually Stunning Emails

Looking for an easier way to create captivating emails? Potion is here to help with crafting visually stunning emails. Say goodbye to complicated interfaces – this modern email builder offers a Notion-inspired experience that’s as intuitive as it gets.


EmbedAI: Generate Revenue by Deploying Your Own White Label AI Chatbot

Curious about boosting your business revenue with AI chatbots? EmbedAI has the answer! Imagine deploying your own customized AI chatbot, tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Enhance your customer engagement, without the hassle of starting from scratch! Whether you’re a small startup or an established company, EmbedAI’s white label platform empowers you to integrate advanced AI technology while staying true to your brand identity.


Intelswift: Your Personal AI Assistant for Customer Service

Ever felt overwhelmed handling customer inquiries and support tasks? What if there was a solution made to make it a bit easier? Introducing Intelswift, your personal AI assistant for customer service. With its all-in-one platform, you can automate mundane tasks, craft personalized support experiences, and uncover valuable insights to elevate your customer interactions.


LeadGenSheet: AI-Powered Spreadsheet Tool for Lead Generation and Email Campaigns

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of lead generation for your startup? Imagine having a trusted companion right within your Google Sheet, simplifying the process for you. With LeadGenSheet you can discover leads, collect vital web data, and even automate your email campaigns, all while staying in the comfort of your familiar spreadsheet environment!


Virabble: Create Eye-catching Social Media Posts

Are you tired of struggling to create eye-catching social media posts that truly resonate with your audience? With Virabble, you can breathe new life into your existing content effortlessly. Ready to turn your blog posts, articles, and web pages into enaging content that gets noticed?


Jasper: Your Versatile Writing Assistant

Meet Jasper, your writing assistant! This powerful software is capable of creating a wide range of content for you, including emails, blog articles, SEO content, Facebook ads, product listings, marketing copy, Google Ads headlines, and more. But that’s just the beginning – Jasper can even assist with video scripts, book sections, and any writing task you can think of.

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