AI Photo Forge

AI Photo Forge: Create AI Avatars from Your Pictures

Struggling to find an effective way to generate avatars from your photos? As a Telegram bot utilizing AI technology, AI Photo Forge generates avatars based on the images you upload. However, it’s essential to understand that AI is continuously evolving, so the results may not always be perfect and largely hinge on the quality of the pictures you submit to the bot.

Insighto.jpg Your Smart AI Chatbot Partner

Easily create intelligent chatbots with Insighto’s AI in just minutes! Train them using your own data to handle tasks such as support, generating leads, and managing HR inquiries. These chatbots are proficient in understanding natural language and can seamlessly operate across platforms like HubSpot, Slack, and WhatsApp.



Experience the WPGPT Plugin, an AI-powered chat solution tailored for website monetization with a seamless whitelabel experience. With complete customization through Elementor, enjoy AI behaviors like Nutritionist, Pet Care, Money Maker, and more.

SpeechText AI image


SpeechText.AI is a multilingual and industry-specific transcription service with near-human accuracy. This advanced speech recognition models are trained on domain-specific language data, ensuring better understanding of domain terms.

tapCLIQ AI tool


tapCLIQ pioneers the AI-driven Engagement Automation Platform for apps and websites, offering interactive messages that learn user intent and automate engagement. With hand-holding user experiences, tapCLIQ drives retention through various features.

WP AI Chat

WP AI Chat

WP AI Chat is a website chat widget for any web-based tech, providing instant answers, boosting sales, and enhancing user experiences. Trainable for targeted responses, upsells, and cross-sells, with data analysis for customer insights.

Contlo.AI image

Contlo: Grow Your Business with AI Marketing Platform

Contlo simplifies campaign management with an all-in-one personal AI marketer! If you’re looking for ways to generate more revenue and increase retention, Contlo is an ideal pick for you. With it, you can automate personalized experiences for your e-commerce customers through AI powered CDP + Omnichannel Marketing Apps.

Chat Fast AI tool


Create GPT chatbots from your data with ChatFast. Answer data-related questions, embed on websites. This tool supports website URLs, scanned PDFs, plain text, PDFs, and text images.

Chat With Data AI tool

Chat With Data

Chat With Data: An AI tool enabling users to upload PDFs, Word, CSV, Excel, and SQL Database documents. Communicate naturally via an interactive chat interface powered by OpenAI. Ask questions and receive relevant responses and prompts to facilitate further conversation.

ChatNode AI tool


Introducing ChatNode: An advanced AI chatbot builder powered by ChatGPT. Embed chat widgets on websites or deploy public chatbots. Enjoy support for customized features, 95+ languages, data sources, and token counts.

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