SunoMusic: Create Music with AI

Have you ever wanted to create music using just your imagination, without needing any instruments? Suno makes that dream a reality! Whether you’re a shower singer or a chart-topping artist, Suno is designed to make music creation accessible and straightforward for everyone.


Sonauto: Become a Musician

Have you ever wanted to create your own music With, you can turn prompts, lyrics, or melodies into full songs in any style. Compose radio-quality music in seconds, even if you have no prior musical experience! What kind of song will you create with


Starmony (AI Music Studio): Create Music with AI

Have you ever wanted to create your own music? Starmony makes it easy and fun! With AI-generated unique songs and the ability to sing or rap over professional beats, music creation is right at your fingertips in one user-friendly app. Ready to unleash your inner artist with Starmony?


Venice Co-Manager: Your AI Music Assistant

Looking to elevate your music career to new heights? Meet Co-Manager from Venice Music, your personal AI-powered assistant on this exciting journey. Take the advantage of expert insights and personalized data analysis to transform your music career! With Co-Manager, you can use these powerful tools to make smarter decisions and propel your music forward.


MusicGen AI: Your Personal AI Music Composer

Introducing MusicGen, your personal AI music composer brought to you by Meta. Whether you’re seeking inspiration from simple text descriptions or melodies, MusicGen harnesses the power of advanced AI to craft high-quality music tailored to your preferences.


AI Image to Music: Generate Melodies from Images

Dive deep into the realm of possibility as your images come to life with vibrant and captivating melodies, infusing every pixel with pulsating rhythm and harmony! Meet the AI Image to Music Generator, a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to transform images into captivating music compositions.


Unlock the potential of AI-generated audio for creators. Discover the perfect audio clip swiftly. Join and experience a world of generating, remixing, and finding audio with ease.

Synthesizer V Studio

Synthesizer V Studio

Synthesizer V Studio offers a high-quality singing synthesis software with a powerful hybrid AI/sample-based engine and an intuitive UI designed for the ultimate song-making experience.

Audiogen AI tool

Audiogen: Your Text to Audio Companion

Ready to redefine your audio game? Experience Audiogen: your AI audio companion. Craft studio-quality, royalty-free sounds. Shape infinite variations in real-time to elevate your creative projects.



Wisecut is a powerful tool that analyzes conversations, enabling automatic editing decisions and facilitating the creation of captivating videos within minutes. With Wisecut, you can effortlessly remove lengthy pauses, generate jump cuts, add subtitles, and more!