Listen2.AI: Your Tailored News Podcasts

How can you stay informed about what’s important to you in a convenient and engaging way? With Listen2.AI, you get personalized real-time news podcasts curated specifically for your interests. This AI based app delivers unbiased and factual reporting straight to your ears through captivating audio format, keeping you updated on the latest developments that matter most to you.


Tailor: Summarize Your Daily News

In a world flooded with information, keeping up can be daunting. That’s where Tailor steps in! Powered by AI, Tailor tailors a unique podcast and newsletter journey just for you. By analyzing your interests and tastes, Tailor ensures you receive a daily curated selection of relevant content, available in both audio and text formats.


NewsAIfy: Get Factual News in Seconds

Discover the latest updates with NewsAIfy! Get quick access to unbiased and factual information on any current event. NewsAIfy scours the internet for articles, understands bias, and presents you with the most reported facts in seconds.

PosterGPT: Automate Your Social Content

Feeling overwhelmed with managing all your social content? PosterGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to upgrade your social media management. It automates the creation and scheduling of social media posts by leveraging the latest news content!

The Factual

The Factual: Your Personal News Quality Evaluator

Curious about the quality of a news article? Concerned about its research, bias, or the author’s expertise? With The Factual Chrome extension, you can get insights into news quality—research, bias, expertise, and source reputation.

Recast AI tool


Recast’s AI app transforms articles into short podcasts, allowing you to “read” without reading. Co-hosts provide real dialogue explanations, saving screen time and letting you multitask while staying informed.