Chunk: Transform Your Documents & Notes

Are you searching for a convenient solution to transform your documents and notes into an interactive and intelligent information hub? Chunk offers just that, providing accurate answers with unmatched customization. Whether you’re creating, analyzing, researching, or searching through your stored data, Chunk delivers a personalized experience. Best of all, it’s compatible with all Apple devices, ensuring easy access to your information anytime, anywhere.


ScholarAI: Learn Quicker with AI

Are you ready to supercharge your study sessions with ScholarAI? This platform empowers students by creating AI-driven notes and educational materials. Using the latest in natural language processing and machine learning, it’s all about enhancing your learning experience.

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Transform voice notes into precise, organized text and high quality content instantly. Easily search, tag, and share your notes. Accessible on both web and mobile platforms for your convenience.

Post anything on your mind freely and privately, just for yourself.


Reflectr is an AI-driven personal notebook that fosters clarity, productivity, and self-reflection. It incorporates innovative features such as AI based tags, comments and mood generators to support to help you stay organized, focused, and productive.

Humata – Transform Complex Technical Papers into Clear Summaries

Spending days reading through all the complex and technical papers can now be over! With Humata, an AI-powered search and question-answering platform, all relevant information can be extracted much easier and faster, helping you summarize lengthy academic papers.