Scoopika: Your AI Virtual Assistant

Have you heard about Scoopika? It’s a platform that lets you integrate AI assistants into your applications with ease. These AI assistants can be enhanced with external tools and APIs, making them incredibly versatile. Some of the fantastic features include data validation, error recovery, real-time streaming, and managed long-term memory!

Read Something

Read Something: Enhance Your Web Reading Experience

Experience an enhanced web reading experience with Read Something, an AI-powered open-source Chrome extension. Customize your reader modes, generate insightful discussions with a single click, easily translate content between Chinese, English, and beyond, and effortlessly export webpages to Markdown format.

Continue image

Continue: Your Autopilot for Software Development

Imagine having a personal autopilot for software development that’s open-source and seamlessly integrates with your Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Meet Continue—it’s not just any extension, but your powerful ally within VS Code.

EOS icons AI tool

EOS icons

EOS Icons is a ccollection of meticulously crafted, free, and open-source icons. Created with strict guidelines, the icons offer exceptional scalability and cohesion, enhancing user experiences across applications and websites.

Chatpad AI tool

Chatpad AI

Chatpad AI is an open-source chat user-interface prioritizing privacy and optimal user experience. Accessible as a free desktop app, users can efficiently manage their data through exporting, importing, and deletion features.