Jife AI tool


Experience the magic of this AI-powered platform as it transforms any room into a Japanese interior. Upload a room picture, choose a room type, and receive up to 4 unique designs.

OutfitsAI image

Outfits AI: Find Your Ideal Outfits Using AI

Looking to level up your fashion game? Outfits AI is tailored for fashion lovers, influencers, and personal shoppers. Its AI-driven suggestions and virtual closet management streamline your style choices, making trendsetting outfits a breeze. Ready to redefine your wardrobe?

Real-Time Market Data Insights


Finalle is a financial intelligence platform powered by New-Media data and Generative AI technology. It provides real-time, comprehensive insights into stocks and cryptocurrency markets, enabling investors to stay informed with up-to-date information and make informed decisions.

PDF Parser

PDF Parser

Introducing the PDF Parser Tool, an advanced AI-driven solution transforming data analysis and visualization. With powerful capabilities, it empowers users to unlock valuable insights, discover patterns, correlations, and trends, facilitating informed decisions for ultimate success.