Riverside AI tool

Riverside Transcriptions: Transcribe Audio and Video Files

Are you looking for transcription? Make audio and video transcription in over 100 languages! It’s all about convenience, featuring a user-friendly interface that lets you easily upload MP3, WAV, MP4, or MOV files with just a few clicks!

Research. Compose. Cast.

Magicast.ai: Convert Any Topic into Audio

Would you like assistance in converting variety of topics into captivating audio? Magicast custom-crafts podcasts tailored specifically to your interests, be it your passion for the stock market, your educational pursuits, or simply your need to stay informed with the freshest news updates.

Synthesis Youtube tool

Synthesis Youtube: Find Video Segments Easily

Would you like to save time on searching through you favourite podcast channels to find important segments? With Synthesis Youtube you can! Discover relevant content from up to two channels to swiftly gain insights and stay informed.

Podsift: Create Podcast Summaries Easily

Struggling to make sense of a long podcast? Check out Podsift! It’s a free tool that delivers AI-generated podcast summaries to your inbox. Sign up, enter/verify email, select preferred podcasts, and receive episode summaries directly. Stay updated with summaries for new episodes.