INKblot™ Analyzer for Chrome

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Meet Claude, your AI assistant with powerful models for complex reasoning, creativity, coding, and detailed content creation. Automate tasks, engage in natural conversations, and customize behavior to suit various scenarios to enhance team productivity.

Tired of Automated Job Rejection Emails? Outsmart job application robots and ATS with our AI resume and cover letter generator.

MajorGen: Generate Job-Ready Resumes

Fed up with spending hours on updating your CV for each job application? Introducing MajorGen, your AI helper for crafting compelling, job-ready resumes and cover letters. It helps you transform your CV and LinkedIn profile into a stunning resume in just a single click.

Any Summary

AnySummary revolutionizes the way you extract valuable insights from long interview audio or video files. Powered by AI, this cutting-edge tool swiftly generates customizable summaries tailored to your specific needs.