to teach: Create Classroom Content with AI

Empower educators with To Teach! If you’re a teacher, this AI tool is tailored to your needs, as it offers personalized materials, exercises, and practice resources for your students. To Teach is an addition to traditional teaching methods, facilitating engaging learning experiences.

High-quality summaries

Experience AI-powered summaries for audio and video, saving time while staying informed. Enjoy concise and accurate summaries, discover new content, and benefit from an ad-free service.

Simplified Question and Topic Ideation Find Your Key Keywords

Ever wondered how you could supercharge your content creation process? That’s where steps in! It’s not just an SEO tool; it’s your personal content assistant. It crafts customized content by generating keywords, questions, topics, and even outlines for your blog posts.


GPT-3 Playground (OpenAI): Your Content Assistant

You’ve probably already discovered all the magic ChatGPT has to offer! And while it’s great, it has its limitations. That’s why GPT-3 Playground is here. It’s an AI program that produces, categorizes, or condenses text resembling human language.

Get your research done 10Xfaster with AI

Upword: Process Research Information Quicker

With Upword, simplify complex texts, translate with ease, and grow your knowledge. No more research mess – get the key information from any resource 10x faster! Organize your research, tag content, and access it instantly.

Introducing ChatGPT We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

ChatGPT (OpenAI): Your Daily Generative AI

Introducing ChatGPT, a variant of the renowned GPT language model. Want to compose an email, write an essay or translate a piece of text? With ChatGPT, you can do all of that and more, by simply prompting it with your commands. Engage in effortless natural language conversations on diverse topics with your new assistant and save hours on research or writing!

Humata – Transform Complex Technical Papers into Clear Summaries

Spending days reading through all the complex and technical papers can now be over! With Humata, an AI-powered search and question-answering platform, all relevant information can be extracted much easier and faster, helping you summarize lengthy academic papers.

Role Model AI – Create a Digital Version of Yourself

Can you imagine building your personalized AI assistant? Rolemodel.AI empowers growth and productivity. Easily create a unique AI avatar tailored to your needs and goals and make your avatar comes to life!

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