Zedaio AI tool


Zeda.io is a platform for product managers to define, manage, and collaborate efficiently. Features include modules for PRD, Roadmap, User Flow, and more, all integrated with tools like Jira and Slack.

Vimcal AI tool

Vimcal: Upgrade Your Calendar Game

Would you like to take control over your time more efficiently? Vimcal is here to assist! It’s a time management tool suited that can empower for professionals and team users like you with enhanced control over your schedule. With its lightning-fast performance, feature-rich mobile calendar app, and time zone support, you can now efficiently manage your time like never before.

Get your research done 10Xfaster with AI

Upword: Process Research Information Quicker

With Upword, simplify complex texts, translate with ease, and grow your knowledge. No more research mess – get the key information from any resource 10x faster! Organize your research, tag content, and access it instantly.