Priorli: Transform Videos into Various Formats

Have you discovered Priorli yet? This platform is designed to empower content creators, especially YouTubers and podcasters, by transforming videos into various formats for wider reach. With this AI tool at your disposal, you can save time and maximize content creation.


Calepin: Enhance Your Content Creation

Discover, the AI-powered platform reshaping content creation. Convert YouTube videos into SEO-optimized blogs, stay updated with AI-curated RSS feeds, and produce multilingual articles effortlessly. Perfect for creators, marketers, and businesses seeking to expand their digital presence, simplifies content generation, boosts productivity, and ensures originality.


DryMerge: Automate Your Work

Are you tired of struggling with clunky tools and complicated scripts to automate your work tasks? Say hello to DryMerge, your new ally in work automation. Imagine having a chat interface that understands plain English, where you can describe tasks like adding leads to your CRM or summarizing meetings. Say hello to efficiency with DryMerge!


Jaeves: Your AI Content Generator

Have you ever struggled with brainstorming blog titles or creating SEO-friendly content? That’s where Jaeves comes in. With Jaeves, you have a personalized AI-powered assistant dedicated to enhancing your content creation journey. By focusing on SEO optimization and streamlining the creative process, Jaeves empowers you to produce authentic content more efficiently.


aiPDF: Simplify Your Information Processing Needs

Are you tired of spending hours sifting through lengthy documents for key information? Meet aiPDF, your personal AI assistant made to simplify your information processing needs.  With its intuitive interface and powerful features, aiPDF efficiently interacts with various document formats, including PDFs, web articles, and YouTube videos. It generates instant summaries and in-depth insights, empowering you to grasp essential information quickly and effectively.


Midgenie: Create Videos from Text

Are you struggling to find an efficient solution for dubbing videos in multiple languages or creating videos from text? Introducing Generative AI for dubbing & creating videos, a versatile tool designed to address these challenges. With the ability to dub existing videos in over 40 natural languages and generate videos from text, this tool caters to the needs of content creators, marketers, production houses, and businesses!


ReadingDojo: Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Did you know that in the US, over 25% of students struggle with reading comprehension? If you are a student facing the same challenge, or you are a teacher recognising it among your students, ReadingDojo AI tool is here to help by generating tailored questions to assess reading comprehension among students.


NewsAIfy: Get Factual News in Seconds

Discover the latest updates with NewsAIfy! Get quick access to unbiased and factual information on any current event. NewsAIfy scours the internet for articles, understands bias, and presents you with the most reported facts in seconds.

GPT Stick: Your Content AI Assistant

The GPT Stick will empower you with AI-generated summaries, explanations, content creation, and other features seamlessly integrated into webpages. You can inquire, define terms, generate fresh content, and engage intelligently with web content!

ANPR Software

ANPR Software

ANPR Software captures vehicle number plates through CCTV cameras, utilizing OCR techniques for analysis. Kotai Electronics offers ANPR Systems, connecting with IP Cameras, facilitating parking management, premises monitoring, and smart city ITMS Projects.

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