Coqui AI tool


Create super high-quality Voice Clones for your content, instantly. Quality voices just became possible for all your content needs: Video games, ads, cartoons, e-learning, audiobooks… the list is endless. Add voice to your next project, with Coqui

beepbooply AI tool


Create lifelike audio content in 900+ voices across 80+ languages with a simple click. Download realistic speech for videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Text-to-speech made easy and versatile.

LogoliveryAI tool

LogoliveryAI: Create Logo with AI

Need a fancy but affordable logo for your new business or product? Try LogoliveryAI! It’s a logo generator, creating professional SVG logos! You get up to 10 free logo suggestions with 4 variants each, and access to logo packages and design services. The vector-based logos are commercial-use ready!

Valossa AI tool

Valossa AI

Valossa offers AI software for video and audio data analysis, helping businesses manage and grow their video-based ventures safely with AI-generated content and metadata. It also provides content moderation for images and videos, trusted by well-known companies.

Voicemaker AI tool


Voicemaker is online text to speech converter platform, it has 1000+ neural and standard voices in 150+ languages worldwide, along with Customisable audio style, voice speed, pitch, volume, audio format, and audio profile settings.

Cascadeur tool

Cascadeur: Create Realistic Animations with AI

Would you like to make your 3D keyframe animation process easier? With Cascadeur, you can benefit from AI-assisted tools for quick key pose creation, instant visual feedback of physical results, and easy adjustment of secondary motion.

Chat with any PDF

ChatPDF: Have a Conversation With Any PDF

ChatPDF is an online tool designed to simplify document management and collaboration. How? Simply upload a pdf and access a chatbot and it will answer any question you have! It’s ideal for businesses, researchers and students as it allows you to easily convert, edit, merge, and share PDF files, enhancing your productivity!

Convert Whatsapp and Telegram voice message to Text

TranscribeMe: Transcribe Audio and Video Files

TranscribeMe is a transcription service for busy individuals, which efficiently converts audio and video files into accurate text. With its user-friendly interface and quick turnaround time, TranscribeMe saves you time and effort in capturing valuable content through transcription. – Write Anything 20x Faster

Ever wondered if writing top-notch content could be as quick as snapping your fingers? Meet, your key to a content transformation. This AI tool doesn’t just assist you—it empowers you to craft impeccable articles with ease and even ignite fresh ideas!

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