JotBot AI: Your Document Assistant

JotBot is a doc editor that keeps you in your flow. It’s your smarter document assistant that easily integrates with your writing process. Imagine having tailored suggestions and tools right at your fingertips to boost your writing speed and quality. Instead of taking over, JotBot works alongside you, understanding your unique style and content. Ready to take your writing to the next level?

Write 10x better, Not 10x faster.

Txt Muse: Write and Edit Your Content with AI

If you’re a writer, Txt Muse will empower you to edit and create a high quality content, including emails, articles, social media posts, or anything text-based! You can even customize the text editor by writing your own prompts which will allow you to enhance your writing experience!

Just An iStory Away

iStory: Create Two-Way Conversations with AI

Introducing a tool for digital content creators: easily enhance audience experience and engagement! Integrate rich media with speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and a natural language understanding engine, all on a user-friendly, code-free platform.