Managr: AI Writing Assistant for Marketing & PR

Curious about how Managr can improve your marketing and PR strategy? This AI writing assistant will learn your unique style, making personalized content just for you and tapping into real-time trends!. With Managr you can save time, write smarter, and create high-performing content.

Jessica by Queue

Jessica by Queue: Your AI Assistant for Simple Content Creation

Looking to make your content creation journey a little bit better? Meet Jessica by, your personal AI assistant designed to make the process effortless. Ever wondered how you could turn a 10-minute interview into weeks of captivating blog posts and social media content, all created to reflect your individual voice? Explore how Jessica can transform your content creation experience!


AITalk: Improve Your Language Skills with AI

Looking to master languages? With AITalk, you can chat with AI tutors whenever and wherever you are, engaging in real-time conversation practice across over 10 languages on iOS with Android on its way!


Llanai: Master New Languages via WhatsApp

Looking to master multiple languages? Meet Llanai, your AI language partner on WhatsApp! With tailored lessons, conversational practice, and pronunciation support in Spanish, German, English, and French, Llanai transform your language learning journey within the comfort of your favorite chat app!


Langy: Your Powerful AI Translator App

Are you tired of awkward and unreliable translations? Meet Langy, your powerful AI translator app designed to improve your communication experience. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to clear, accurate exchanges across languages, thanks to Langy’s cutting-edge AI technology.


Dittto: Make Improvements on Your Website with AI

Are you a SaaS company looking to improve your website’s conversion rates? Meet Dittto AI! It’s designed to help SaaS businesses like yours by analyzing your website, suggesting improvements to your message, and rewriting your main copy to attract more visitors and turn them into customers. With Dittto AI, you can boost conversions without the hassle of figuring out what works through trial and error.


Persuva: Create Ads and Marketing Content that Converts

Looking to supercharge your marketing efforts without the hassle of endless brainstorming and revisions? With Persuva, you’re in luck. This AI-powered sales copy generator is your ticket to effortless, high-converting ads and marketing content that speaks directly to your audience. Say goodbye to the frustration of crafting compelling copy from scratch and hello to impactful results in no time.

Podurama: Improve the Podcast Listening Experience

Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect podcast? With Podurama, your podcast journey becomes effortless and enjoyable. This platform is tailor-made for podcast enthusiasts like you, offering an extensive library packed with diverse content. Say goodbye to endless scrolling with intuitive discovery features and personalized recommendations, ensuring you always find the shows that resonate with you.


Simplified: All in One Tool for Marketing

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools for your marketing needs? Simplified brings everything you need into one easy-to-use app. From content creation to social media management, Simplified has you covered. With millions of free images, videos, and audio clips, along with thousands of designer templates and advanced content writing features in over 30 languages, Simplified simplifies the entire marketing process.


LAZi AI: Boost Your Business Operations

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to boost your business operations and maximize profitability? Check out Lazi, an AI tool made to help with tasks like website development, content creation, social media management, and marketing strategy formulation.

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