Travelicious: Create City Adventures with AI

Travelicious stands out as your innovative AI travel companion, meticulously creating city adventures that align perfectly with your unique interests, budget, and preferred travel style. Say goodbye to predictable tourist traps and instead embark on journeys that unveil hidden gems, beloved local spots, and authentic experiences that truly capture your imagination.


Tailbox: Your Travel Companion

Tailbox makes your travel adventures with an AI companion that reveals hidden gems, introduces you to locals, and curates unforgettable experiences, all in a single app. Picture yourself navigating a city with insider knowledge, discovering fascinating stories, and connecting with other travelers! Check it out today and start planning your next adventure!


TravelPal: Your Personal AI Travel Assistant

Feeling bogged down by travel planning and endless spreadsheets? Say hello to TravelPal, your personal AI travel assistant that tailors the perfect trip for you. Just tell TravelPal about your interests, travel style, and preferred pace, and watch as it crafts an ideal itinerary filled with hidden treasures and must-see attractions. Excited to simplify your travel planning?