Uizard – Your User-friendly Design and Ideation Tool

Are you looking for a simple way to create beautiful designs? With Uizard’s AI features, you can create without any experience! Generate a mockup from a simple text, turn screenshots into editable mockups or generate copy for your designs – all with lighting fast speed!

Galileo AI tool

Galileo AI

Experience the future of UI design with Galileo AI! Generate stunning UI designs from simple text prompts, unlocking limitless creativity at incredible speed.

FigCopy AI tool


Elevate your designs with real, personality-filled copy in a few clicks. Create captivating, engaging content that pops, sizzles, and soars. Transform your designs with compelling copy. Try it now!

Invoke AI tool

Invoke AI: Transforms Prompts into Stunning Visuals

Ever thought of co-creating with AI? That’s what InvokeAI is all about! It employs Stable Diffusion, an open-source text-to-image and image-to-image generator, simplifying creative processes for artists, designers, marketers, and beyond. Ready to explore its potential?

Crito AI tool

Crito Design: Automate Your UI/UX Design Process

Crito is an AI tool that helps you with automatization of your UI/UX design process. Wondering how? With features such as contextual UX writing, Figma plugin, heat mapping, and design-to-code generator, you can experience improved user interactions and digital products!

Coframe AI tool

Coframe: A Tool that Transforms A/B Testing for Better UX

Welcome to Coframe, where digital interfaces come to life! This AI-powered tool acts as a designer, frontend developer, and A/B testing researcher, constantly evolving and improving itself. Witness your websites and apps adapt and grow like living organisms.

MagifyDesign AI tool


Magify Design: Unlock the power of AI for UI/UX design, code, images, and UX writing. Rapidly create exceptional experiences while focusing on creativity and user needs.



Discover Paragraphica, a context-to-image camera using location data and AI to create unique “photos.” Real-time descriptions and physical dials control parameters, offering a multi-sensory perspective beyond visual perception.

From interviews to insights, 5x faster.

Looppanel: Your Research Data In a Single Location

No more dealing with scattered data or time-consuming copy-pasting; Looppanel conveniently consolidates all your information in one centralized location! The tool rapidly generates AI-powered call notes, delivering valuable insights within minutes. And guess what? You can save up to 10 days on your research analysis!


Nuvo: Your AI Based Solutions for Importing CSV & Excel Data

Struggling to import external data? With Nuvo, you can create, deploy, and execute pipelines that link various sources, including CSV files, (S)FTP, and HTTPS. Employ the AI-powered mapping algorithm to facilitate easy data integration. Apply transformations using Excel-like formulas or generate custom JavaScript functions.

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