From interviews to insights, 5x faster.

Looppanel: Your Research Data In a Single Location

No more dealing with scattered data or time-consuming copy-pasting; Looppanel conveniently consolidates all your information in one centralized location! The tool rapidly generates AI-powered call notes, delivering valuable insights within minutes. And guess what? You can save up to 10 days on your research analysis!


Nuvo: Your AI Based Solutions for Importing CSV & Excel Data

Struggling to import external data? With Nuvo, you can create, deploy, and execute pipelines that link various sources, including CSV files, (S)FTP, and HTTPS. Employ the AI-powered mapping algorithm to facilitate easy data integration. Apply transformations using Excel-like formulas or generate custom JavaScript functions.

Unleash the full potential of your digital image Your Image Management Platform

Are you struggling to efficiently handle large quantities of images? Try Pixelbin! It’s an AI image management platform designed for individuals and businesses like you, looking to enhance image transformation and optimization process.

AI Powered eCommerce Growth Platform

Moda: Maximize Your Omni-channel Revenue

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for growing omnichannel marketing revenue? Designed as an all-in-one platform, Moda offers a user-friendly experience for managing email, SMS, forms, and automations!


Guidde is a powerful generative AI platform designed to empowers your team to create video documentation at an impressive 11 times faster rate than traditional methods.

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