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Socratic Lab: Interactive Knowledge Community

Socratic Lab is an online knowledge community driven by AI, aiming to foster connections and ignite intellect. Powered by AI, Socrates, Socratic Lab is committed to facilitating collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing among individuals, social groups, and communities.


Webudy: Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Webudy, your indispensable Chrome companion, enhances your online experience by leveraging GPT-3 and GPT-4. It will help you browse the web without having to leave the page you are on. It deciphers intricate concepts, translates content, and accomplishes tasks!

Role Model AI – Create a Digital Version of Yourself

Can you imagine building your personalized AI assistant? Rolemodel.AI empowers growth and productivity. Easily create a unique AI avatar tailored to your needs and goals and make your avatar comes to life!