BrowserPilot: Analyze and Comprehend Web Pages

Elevate ChatGPT with BrowserPilot: Your guide to web insights. Extract details from webpages, craft articles from URLs. Enrich responses, from news updates to real-time data. Ready to enhance your interactions?

ComfyUI AI tool

ComfyUI: Enrich Your Art Projects

ComfyUI is an innovative AI tool that simplifies the design and implementation of complex diffusion pipelines. Using its intuitive graph-based interface, you can easily manage your projects. With ComfyUI, you can create stunning images and enhance projects across various fields like art, machine learning, and graphic design.

Shap-e AI tool

Shap-e: Text-to-3D Generation Model

Introducing Shap-E, a tool for crafting 3D objects shaped by specific text or images. It generates diverse shapes and designs, streamlining creative workflows for designers, artists, and architects. You can no easily produce high-quality 3D models and save your valuable time!


Midjourney is a new AI-powered tool that lets you create realistic and imaginative images from your text descriptions. Simply type in a prompt, such as “a painting of a cat in a hat” or “a futuristic cityscape,” and Midjourney will generate a stunning image that matches your description.