BrowserPilot: Analyze and Comprehend Web Pages

Elevate ChatGPT with BrowserPilot: Your guide to web insights. Extract details from webpages, craft articles from URLs. Enrich responses, from news updates to real-time data. Ready to enhance your interactions?

ComfyUI AI tool


ComfyUI is a feature-rich and flexible stable diffusion GUI, offering a flowchart-based interface. Users can effortlessly design advanced pipelines with support for SD1.x and SD2.x, optimized for efficient re-execution.

Shap-e AI tool


Introducing Shap-E, a tool for crafting 3D objects shaped by specific text or images. It generates diverse shapes and designs, streamlining creative workflows for designers, artists, and architects. Effortlessly produce high-quality 3D models and save valuable time!


Midjourney is a new AI-powered tool that lets you create realistic and imaginative images from your text descriptions. Simply type in a prompt, such as “a painting of a cat in a hat” or “a futuristic cityscape,” and Midjourney will generate a stunning image that matches your description.